About us

Endre Penovác

Master of Fine Art. 
His art works are represented in a lots of private collections in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. 
He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct his watercolor workshops and demos. 
Member of The Association of Hungarian Fine Artists and The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.

Saatchi Art

Behind the brand

His personality and works inspired many people or just made them happy. His artwork may seem graceful and minimalist, but the technique used is the result of decades of learning and development.


Zendre was established to create a new approach and style in fashion the same way as Endre Penovac’s painting in art. Our goal is to share this feeling with a large group of art-lovers. Our products are made in a local manufacturing company which guarantees high quality and the fact that each and every item is made with great care and of the best quality materials. The items and accessories embody the importance of creation and its role in our culture, in our world.


We recommend ZENDRE to everyone who would like to feel the power and significance of art close to themselves even in our busy world.

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